What Everyone Ought To Know About Nebraska Boat Dealers

Nebraska Boat Dealers

On the outriggers I mean you knowon the halyard so whatever so we got oneout there on the outrigger and we canput another rod here kind of medium okayand then I can also have one straight atthe back that’s where my dad linestypically go and we’ll do a whole videoon trolling we’re just talking about myboat right now so in a lot of times thisis good for naked ballyhoo and any othersort of lure.

Which you know you guyswant to pull a little bit lower and ifyou guys are familiar with trolling somelures you know pull better lowerespecially if you’re doing like aswimming ballyhoo or a swimming like anaked split bill ballyhoo you know youwant to pull that from a real lowposition.

I think that’s from high up onan outrigger right so that’s reallygreat for that also down riggers you canput that down where it goes in eachcorner we got the clamps here okay andI’m just usingthese old pen downriggers you knowthese I don’t think they make theseanymore right but you look at the partson eBay and stuff and they’re really oldup and just great durable reliabledownriggers and you still see themaround a lot you know I don’t use them aton but if you were live baiting youknow I only use them for slow trollingbut so if you’re in kingfish tournamentsktw is that kind of stuff in your livebait really you know everyone’s usingdownriggers.

It’s pretty important iabrade on them okay take off that metalput on some braids I think it’s like pound tough line actually has braidspecific line for Danvers all right allright we’re up here on a t-top and I’mshowing you my down riggers these are upthese are outriggers all right they goout all right and outriggers are used ifyou’re not familiar and to give you morespread on your lines when you’retrolling.

So you know if you’re trollingfor lines or set you know sometimes youget two seven eight lines or somethingyou want to have them spread out so theydon’t get all tangled really okay andthese these are RuPt outriggers thebases are up I used to have the Rupppoles telescoping poles usually twelveor thirteen feet a lot of small boatshave the telescoping which means theyretract and extend right I’m in a barnI’ll show you.

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